Monday, September 19, 2011

Teachers Are Learners, Too!

Did you know that teachers love to learn, too?  Especially me!  This past weekend I went to the University of Hawaii to take a weekend long class about photography.  Do you like to take pictures? Me too!  I love to take pictures and decided it was high time to learn more about photography and how to take a good picture.

One assignment the professor gave us was to walk around the campus and take pictures of interesting shapes and forms.  After we took pictures we headed over to the computer lab to download our pictures and edit them using Photoshop CS5.  Here are my attempts at artistic pictures (giggle, giggle).  It was fun spending the weekend at the University of Hawaii.  I hope that one day you get to go to school there, too!

Today the 1st graders did their very first Scratch projects!  1st graders created their very own Chinese music videos titled 你好吗.  Want to watch the videos?  Here is how to watch:
1.  Go to
2.  Go to view galleries
3.  Type in our class Scratch name:  vschina2003
4.  Enjoy!

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