Friday, September 23, 2011

生词 Tea Refill Lesson Level II


服务员               fu2 wu4 yuan2               waitress, server

茶水                  cha2 shui3                      tea water

要                       yao4                               to require

钱                      qian2                               money

免费                 mian3 fei4                        free

那                     na4                                   then

帮                      bang1                              for (someone)

倒                     dao4                                 to pour

杯                      bei1                                 cup, glass

茶                     cha2                                 tea

请                     qing3                                please

捎等                shao1 deng3                     to wait a moment

真                     zhen1                                really

苦                     ku3                                   sour
水                     shui3                                 water

倒茶                 dao4 cha2                         to pour tea

Helpful Phrases

1。 服务员,茶水要钱吗?  Waitress, does tea water cost anything?
2。  是免费的。     It's free.
3。  那帮倒一杯茶。  Then I'll have a cup of tea.
4.  好的,请捎等。  Ok, please wait a moment.
5。  这是什么茶?  真苦。  What kind of tea is this?  It's really bitter.
6。  那帮你倒一杯水 。  Then I'll bring you a water.

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