Friday, September 30, 2011

What's Your Name?

Every wanted to learn how to say What's Your Name in Chinese?  Watch this edition of the Chinese Bulldog Show with 2nd graders and learn!

Learn More, Do More!

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Thursday, September 29, 2011

QR Codes In the K-5 Classroom

Check out this radical QR Code and find a big, big surprise hidden inside!  Do you remember which application we were using in class?  It's called Red Laser.  Do you remember which website we were using to build our very own Chinese character QR Codes?  It is  What kind of QR Code can you create?

Chinese Media Makers had loads of fun starting a new Stop Motion Animation project today.  Sorry...can't give you any more details.  You will just have to wait for the movie to come out!

High schoolers are starting to communicate with me on Twitter.  I certainly look forward to all their excellent written Chinese on Twitter.  Why don't you follow us, too!  @MushudragonUSA

Monday, September 26, 2011

QR Code Chinese!

Use the app Red Laser or go to this link and click on Decode - Read With Camera to read these QR Codes with hidden Chinese messages.  Can you read the secret code?  Write in the comments section with the correct translation and you just might get a treat for trying during our next class!

Friday, September 23, 2011

生词 Tea Refill Lesson Level II


服务员               fu2 wu4 yuan2               waitress, server

茶水                  cha2 shui3                      tea water

要                       yao4                               to require

钱                      qian2                               money

免费                 mian3 fei4                        free

那                     na4                                   then

帮                      bang1                              for (someone)

倒                     dao4                                 to pour

杯                      bei1                                 cup, glass

茶                     cha2                                 tea

请                     qing3                                please

捎等                shao1 deng3                     to wait a moment

真                     zhen1                                really

苦                     ku3                                   sour
水                     shui3                                 water

倒茶                 dao4 cha2                         to pour tea

Helpful Phrases

1。 服务员,茶水要钱吗?  Waitress, does tea water cost anything?
2。  是免费的。     It's free.
3。  那帮倒一杯茶。  Then I'll have a cup of tea.
4.  好的,请捎等。  Ok, please wait a moment.
5。  这是什么茶?  真苦。  What kind of tea is this?  It's really bitter.
6。  那帮你倒一杯水 。  Then I'll bring you a water.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Public Service Announcement: Don't Take DRUGS!

Watch and learn as Andre, Cole, and Stefan warn you about the hazards of taking illegal drugs!  Great job on the Pubic Service Announcement 4th graders.  And thank you to Mrs. Debbie Smith for inviting me to take part in this fun and important project!

Stay healthy!

Honors Chinese Dialogue Practice

Tea Refill Dialogue Practice

Click on the above "Tea Refill Dialogue Practice" to listen.

Honors Chinese Test

Tea Refill Test

Click the above "Tea Refill Test" to begin.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Peaceful Travels

Watch and learn as these super duper 4th graders teach you how to wish pals a fond aloha.  Wow your friends and be ready for International Peace day when you learn how to say peaceful travels in Chinese!

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Monday, September 19, 2011

Teachers Are Learners, Too!

Did you know that teachers love to learn, too?  Especially me!  This past weekend I went to the University of Hawaii to take a weekend long class about photography.  Do you like to take pictures? Me too!  I love to take pictures and decided it was high time to learn more about photography and how to take a good picture.

One assignment the professor gave us was to walk around the campus and take pictures of interesting shapes and forms.  After we took pictures we headed over to the computer lab to download our pictures and edit them using Photoshop CS5.  Here are my attempts at artistic pictures (giggle, giggle).  It was fun spending the weekend at the University of Hawaii.  I hope that one day you get to go to school there, too!

Today the 1st graders did their very first Scratch projects!  1st graders created their very own Chinese music videos titled 你好吗.  Want to watch the videos?  Here is how to watch:
1.  Go to
2.  Go to view galleries
3.  Type in our class Scratch name:  vschina2003
4.  Enjoy!

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Friday, September 16, 2011

Write The Chinese Word For Peace

Write The Chinese Word For Peace
* Click the title above to view the movie *

Did you like the movie Wallace and Gromit? I sure did! Wallace and Gromit was created using a method called Stop Motion Animation. Our very own Keiki Chinese 4th grade learners used stop motion animation to create the Chinese word for Peace. 4th graders are celebrating International Peace Day. Our stop motion animation movie will be combined with 13 other 4th grade classes from all over the world! Our combined movie will be a tribute to peace and happiness all over the world!

Like this movie? Want to make your own stop motion animation? Don't hesitate to ask any of the Chinese Media Makers how to do it! Our Keiki Chinese certainly are tech savvy as well as excellent Chinese speakers!

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning To Write On The Computer

It has never been easier to practice your Chinese characters!  Keiki Chinese learners had a ball today when Xiao Long brought in his iPad for the class to use!  WOW.  Keiki installed the international keyboard and downloaded Chinese Handwriting and Chinese Pinyin.  Then we spent fun time using both the handwriting pad and the pinyin system for writing in Chinese on the computer!  If you have an iPad go ahead and try it yourself!

2nd graders are working on 你叫什么?What's your name?  This is a great phrase to know when you want to make new friends while living in China!

Kindergarten has started singing a new song using instruments such as drums, chimes, and even a xylophone.  What a smart class!

Have you had a chance to practice new phrases with our Chinese Bulldog Show?  To get started simply find a post with a recorded show in it and click on the title.  We appreciate comments and questions.

Remember...practice what you know!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Ipo exploring Laoshi's house.  

Ms. Gamble smiling for the camera.

Dobie and Mushu Dragon begging for food.
Xiao Po enjoyed swimming and eating cupcakes.

Mushu Dragon made friends with Ms. Bailey.  B.F.F.

The life of the party, Mr. M!

Ms. Hoe adding to our happiness!

Xiao Po sure can swim!  

Xiao Po and his Ba Ba enjoying the pool.
Mr. R rolled in to the party on his bike!  Fit teachers rule!

Baby Chance enjoyed playing with the dogs!

Friday afternoon I invited LJA teachers and their families over to!  What a happy time we had!  Teachers from all departments dropped by for an early dinner, swimming, chatting, laughing, and lots of doggie kisses.  It was a lovely time and one that I will remember with a giggle in my heart for a long, long time.  

Celebrate teachers.  Celebrate learners.  Celebrate life with each other.  

Thanks LJA for coming to my house!  Come back soon!

Friday, September 9, 2011

Yesterday was an amazing day at the Hawaii School's of the Future Conference.  Keiki Chinese Media Makers rolled out to teach teachers how to speak Chinese using Garageband, iMovie, and Scratch.  It was standing room only while our super start students presented to a very interested crowd.  After our presentation during session one we enjoyed a delicious feast of pastries, juice, and cookies.  Students presented two sessions that lasted for almost two hours total! WOW!

Today Keiki Chinese returned to school to enjoy a free choice Chinese day.  Students could choose to create a stop motion animation of the Chinese word 平,build a Garageband for our Keiki Chinese Bulldog show listeners to practice 听不懂,or invent a music video on Scratch for the word 平。  Another fun, fun day of learning at LJA!

Did I mention?  I am the luckiest, luckiest teacher in the whole world with the smartest, smartest Chinese learners.

I am proud of you!

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Good Things Happening Every Day!

Good things are happening at LJA!

Keiki Chinese has been asked to participate in a 13 country International Peace Day project.  One classroom from all 13 countries will create a 20 second movie about peace.  Keiki Chinese students got right to work creating a super stop motion animation movie!  Can't tell you anymore!  You will just have to wait until the movie comes out.

Check out the picture of Han Bao Bao, Xiao Laoshi, and Xiao Yu working together to build ideas for our stop motion animation film.  Check out the camera on the end of that tripod.  That's right!  The tripod is attached to the table.  How cool is that!

Last night I got to attend a fantastic and inspiring lecture by the  master teacher Marco Torres.  Mr. Torres is a technology teacher from LA who has devoted his career to teaching and motivating teachers.  He taught us about planning interactive and lively lessons that will engage keiki to dig deeper into learning.  He also talked about a lot about his love of learning.  I certainly understand how it feels to love learning!  Yes, I am the Chief Learner of Room B3!  Welcome to my world Chinese Learners.  Step right in!

As you can see, I had a very happy long weekend.  That is a picture of my dog, Dobie, going to the North Shore of Oahu for a picnic and riding.  He always loves a good picnic.  He is the Chief Sniffer in my life!  Dobie is about 3 years old.

 I also went to a lovely Labor Day dinner party with my little friend, Pippy, and her parents.  This is a picture of Pippy holding up a beautiful beaded napkin ring that she made especially for our dinner table.  Pippy is a 1st grader in Kaneohe who enjoys swimming, finger knitting, beading, reading to friends, and taking pictures.  Her birthday is coming up this weekend and what a celebration we will have!  Happy early birthday Pippy!

Remember...learn more do more!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

I Don't Understand!

I Don't Understand!

Check out the latest episode of the Chinese Bulldog Show! Kamalu and Kristin will help you practice and learn!

Don't forget...practice makes perfect!

Click on the phrase above I Don't Understand to listen and learn.

Our Chinese Media Makers are certainly getting excited about the Hawaii Schools of the Future Teacher's Conference on September 8. We are hoping to livestream with from 10:15 - 10:45. Tune into the Keiki Chinese channel to watch this super presentation and learn how the Chinese Bulldog Show is created! Two thumbs up to these dedicated and hard working learners! We a proud of our bulldogs!

Friday, September 2, 2011

听懂吗? Do You Understand?

听懂吗? Do You Understand?

Join the Chinese Bulldog Show as keiki teach keiki to speak Chinese. Watch, learn, and practice along with these super-duper 4th graders. Oh, they did the iMovie on their own! Super techie keikie, too!

I'm a lucky teacher!

Click on the link above 听懂吗? Do You Understand?