Thursday, September 15, 2011

Learning To Write On The Computer

It has never been easier to practice your Chinese characters!  Keiki Chinese learners had a ball today when Xiao Long brought in his iPad for the class to use!  WOW.  Keiki installed the international keyboard and downloaded Chinese Handwriting and Chinese Pinyin.  Then we spent fun time using both the handwriting pad and the pinyin system for writing in Chinese on the computer!  If you have an iPad go ahead and try it yourself!

2nd graders are working on 你叫什么?What's your name?  This is a great phrase to know when you want to make new friends while living in China!

Kindergarten has started singing a new song using instruments such as drums, chimes, and even a xylophone.  What a smart class!

Have you had a chance to practice new phrases with our Chinese Bulldog Show?  To get started simply find a post with a recorded show in it and click on the title.  We appreciate comments and questions.

Remember...practice what you know!

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