Wednesday, December 15, 2010


圣诞节快乐! Merry Christmas!
You may be do you say Santa Clause in Chinese? Well, this is a very important question! Here it is 圣诞老人 sheng4 dan4 lao3 ren2. That's right. You got it. Remember, practice makes perfect.

2nd graders - Please don't forget to work on your vocabulary writing. Here is the list. Go ahead! Dazzle your visiting grandparents and cousins with your lovely Chinese characters
小 xiao3 small
大 da4 big
男 nan2 man
不 bu4 no
百 bai3 100
千 qian1 1000
茶 cha2 tea

3rd graders - I have included some super duper Chinese words for the Winter Break. Here you go...
中国 zhong1 guo2 China
门 men4 door
下 xia4 down
上 shang4 up
天 tian1 sky
你 ni3 you
好 hao3 good

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Concert & Chinese Singing

Ni Hao Chinese Learners! How lovely, lovely the K-2 Chinese students sing. It was like little angels had entered our gym and sang a darling Chinese song. The children have been singing their little hearts out since September learning this tongue twisting song. To remember all those Chinese words took a lot of brain power! It was nice to see all the students and teachers dressed up in their Christmas clothes and nice shoes. The concert was beautiful and the gymnasium looked magical. I was certainly proud of my little students!

2nd graders learned Yoga today in Chinese class. Yes, yes. Yoga is not traditionally Chinese. But you can certainly do yoga poses that look like Chinese characters! Want to try it? Try positioning your body to look like these characters.

Did you figure something out? Come by my classroom and show me your "Chinese Yoga"!

Happy holidays and remember...practice what you know.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2nd Grade Vocabulary List

2nd Grade Vocabulary List.
Try practicing the following vocabulary at home!
Practice makes perfect!

田 field
刀 knife
不 no
百 100
千 1,000
男 man
茶 tea
大 big

Can you find a word inside the word to the right? Look carefully and you will see one of your vocabulary words hidden inside the word. This lovely word means Beauty!