Thursday, July 21, 2011

2011 Summer of Knitting

你好朋友! 很想你们!

Know what I did this summer? I got to teach a knitting class at LJA. WOW big fun! Some kids were newbies to the world of knitting and some kids were returning learners. These kids learned so, so much I was blown away! Some kids learned cabling, some kids learned purling, some kids even made leis and scrunchies. Don't know what cabling and purling is? No problem. Next summer sign up for my Keiki Knitting class and I will teach you the beautiful and relaxing art of knitting! Check out these fun pics.

Learn more do more!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


好久不见!Long time no see!

This summer I decided to take a little break from our classroom blog to focus on learning a little more technology. And WOW have I learned a lot. And WOW what fun it has been. Isn't it fun to learn things?

Keiki Chinese have been having loads of laughs learning to write Chinese on the computer with MIT's Scratch 1.4 program. Check out their website to view our projects. Go to vschina2003 Keiki Chinese. Our keiki learners even started building Scratch 1.4 animation at home and on the weekends! Smart, smart students!

We also had loads of laughs writing Chinese on Photoshop CS5 manipulated images. Keiki learners got a chance to write in Chinese on banners and help each other learn this sometimes tricky program.

What have you been doing this summer? I certainly miss each and every one of you! Write in and tell me all about your summer.

See you soon!