Sunday, September 11, 2011

Baby Ipo exploring Laoshi's house.  

Ms. Gamble smiling for the camera.

Dobie and Mushu Dragon begging for food.
Xiao Po enjoyed swimming and eating cupcakes.

Mushu Dragon made friends with Ms. Bailey.  B.F.F.

The life of the party, Mr. M!

Ms. Hoe adding to our happiness!

Xiao Po sure can swim!  

Xiao Po and his Ba Ba enjoying the pool.
Mr. R rolled in to the party on his bike!  Fit teachers rule!

Baby Chance enjoyed playing with the dogs!

Friday afternoon I invited LJA teachers and their families over to!  What a happy time we had!  Teachers from all departments dropped by for an early dinner, swimming, chatting, laughing, and lots of doggie kisses.  It was a lovely time and one that I will remember with a giggle in my heart for a long, long time.  

Celebrate teachers.  Celebrate learners.  Celebrate life with each other.  

Thanks LJA for coming to my house!  Come back soon!

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