Sunday, November 28, 2010

Student Request

Lot's of the Keiki Chinese have been asking for a picture of my dog. Well fans, here it is. Mushu Dragon looking up at me with eyes that say "time for a cookie". Mushu Dragon had a lovely Thanksgiving and even had a few table scraps. Life is good.

I hope all the Keiki Chinese have had a nice vacation with their family. See you tomorrow at school!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010


2nd graders have been learning to write using traditional Chinese notebooks just like the ones Chinese grade schoolers use. Students have done a great job learning to write numbers and even complicated words such as stone 石 and mountain 山. Practice makes perfect! Students take time to write every single time they visit the Chinese classroom. Wow! Just think how good they will be in a few years!

3rd grade Keiki French students dropped by the Chinese room yesterday. Keiki French sang a lovely French song and shared a little about French festivals. Keiki Chinese sang Ni Wa Wa and played instruments. Keiki Chinese even shared a little about Kung Fu (one of our favorite subjects!).

Abigail and Cole have beautiful singing voices. The children have been practicing for the Winter Concert. Moreover, singing is a very good method for learning a language. Hey! Kids have even learned how to say "please don't talk". One little friend make a funny joke and said, "Laoshi, please don't talk" in Chinese. The class all giggled and even I had to give a nice belly laugh. What sweet children we have and how fun it is to learn and sing!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Remember...practice what you know.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Le Jardin Academy had some very special guests this week. Our school was visited by the Kagoshima Fisheries Senior High School in Japan. Our LJA High School students got to experience a thrilling karate demonstration as well as learn about the Kagoshima Fisheries Senior High School and the vessel the students live, learn, and work on. These students are working diligently to become engineers, ship captains, and much more in the technical marine biology field. Our very own Chinese Level I student, 花大姐, speaks fluent Japanese and served as a tour guide and translator during the event. Mr. Allan and the Headmast of Kagoshima Fisheries High School visited the Chinese Department after the presentation and refreshments. The visiting students were certainly friendly and well mannered. Our LJA students got a chance to mingle and get to know a few of the Japanese students.

We are currently scheduling a Saturday afternoon outing to the Dragon Garden Bonsai Nursery ( Students and family members will be treated to an afternoon tour of the lovely nursery deep in the Waimanalo Valley with an accompanying class on creating your very own bonsai. Children (siblings welcome!) will get hands on practice. Families will have the opportunity to purchase their own supplies to build their own bonsai or purchase one already started. Mr. Liu will be our teacher and tour guide. Mr. Liu has published serveral books on the art of bonsai and has lectured all over Asia and the United States on this lovely gardening hobby. A sign up letter will be sent home with your child. Date and time to be announced. $5 per child. Adults are free. Siblings welcome.

Interested in shadow puppetry? Students have been enjoying to speak Chinese with shadow puppets. Almost every morning I find more and more shadow puppet that children lovingly created and carefully left on my desk. Today after character writing practice 2nd grade students were treated to a traditional Chinese puppet show from Youtube. With this video students have a up close view of what happens behind the scenes of a Shadow Puppet Show in China. Want to view it from home? Just go to and search "Chinese shadow theatre - backstage by tpventi. Enjoy!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning & Performing

LJA Keiki Chinese learners certainly help me out with my puppetry! 小龙 and 小老鼠 created these lovely shadow puppets. I really like they way the artists used color to enhance the shadow! Laoshi did a little snip, snip, snipping with the scissors to create a little more definition with the puppets and then we dove right into a show! 1st graders are starting to learn the words for family members. The dragon is the 哥哥 (ge1 ge big brother) who forgot who he was after bumping his head on the playground. The other animals had to fly into action to help 哥哥 remember who he was and find his way home.

Elan Molina especially liked the puppet show because he is a 哥哥 and even has a 弟弟 (di4 di little brother). Elan takes really good care of his 弟弟。Are you a 哥哥 or a 弟弟?

I thought you might enjoy this photograph of 小龙 and my dog, Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster and 小龙 became instant friends. Congrats to Representative Corinne Ching (Anna's mom) on her Nov 4 win! We are proud of you Representative Ching!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excellent Learners!

What curious Chinese learners we have at LJA! This Chinese teacher could not be more proud!

Wai Han brought his Lucky Bamboo tree to school today. What a lovely plant he is growing. Students have really taken an interest in Chinese Lucky Bamboo trees and bonsai. Every day students take time to mist the bonsai. Remember, always mist your bonsai. Never pour water on your beautiful little tree!

2nd graders had loads of laughs reviewing characters by playing hopscotch. Laoshi likes to make the game harder and harder and harder! WOW! The students just keep rising to the top! Hey, I have an idea...get some sidewalk chalk, go outside, and write some beautiful Chinese words on the sidewalk. You neighbors will be dazzled by the simple beauty of Chinese characters.

Kindergarteners were introduced to the world of Kung Fu Jian (kung fu sword) today. This beautiful form of exercise is widely practiced by all ages in China. In China, the jian is known as one of the four weapons used in traditional Kung Fu. Some even say the jian is derived from a common kitchen knife! These swords have long, straight blades that are not sharp (for practicing). It is thought that once a student has mastered the jian he or she is quite accomplished in Wu Shu (martial arts). Kindergarteners go to hold the jian and even see Laoshi practice her routine. Next Kindergarteners will learn another form of Chinese Wu Shu (martial arts) called Kung Fun Shang Zi (Fan Kung Fu).

Monday, November 1, 2010

Common Classroom Objects

Want to learn the Chinese word common objects around the classroom? This should get you started.

水 shui3 water

门 men2 door

废物 fei1 wu4 rubbish

Students have also enjoyed learning our new song Ni Wa Wa (Little Rag Doll). You can practice at home with this link. Enjoy a song with your xiao pengyou!