Monday, August 30, 2010

倪好学生! Parents have been asking me what they can do to help their little ones learn Chinese. My recommendation? Try visiting Chinatown to taste some new food and take your new vocbulary for a test drive. Drop in to a Chinese video store to rent a Chinese cartoon or comedy designed for children. Read The Monkey King with the entire family. Turn on Ni Hao Kailan. You might even want to pop into your local bookstore to browse their Chinese language section (just make sure you get a book with audio). My blog also has a list of online bookstores that have lots and lots of music, movies, learning material especially designed for little Chinese learners. Go for it! If it looks interesting...try it out!

Friday, August 27, 2010

Write Chinese Characters! Right On!

Have you ever wanted to write in Chinese? Don't you think Chinese writing is lovely? I certainly do!!
2nd graders have started the basics of Chinese character writing. And as always, I am amazed how smart these little bulldogs are! Students will be learning to write using traditional Chinese children's notebooks. You can see a sample of what a traditional children's notebook looks like in the picture above.
Did you know that Chinese writing is an artform? That's right! It is called calligraphy and some artists spend their entire life mastering this lovely art. A family trip to the Honolulu Academy of Arts will unveil the most lovely Chinese calligraphy Hawaii has to offer!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

怎么样 What's Up

School is back in full swing! I am the happiesr teacher in the entire world! My students are certainly learning, learning, learning! Wow!
Here is what the 2nd graders have been doing:
1. Learning Chinese stroke order in their new notebooks especially designed for Chinese
2. Character writing numbers 一 二 三 四 五 六 八 九 十
3。 New vocabulary: 汉字, 毛笔, 笔

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

欢迎你回来! Welcome Back! 

欢迎你回来!  I hope everyone had a nice summer vacation! Are you ready to learn a little Chinese? Well then, let's not waste any time and get right to it!
Here are your new vocabulary words to get you started.
Third Grade
老师早 lao3shi1 zao3 good morning teacher
晚安 wan3 an1 good night
Third Grade Words to Write