Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Monkey King

2nd Graders got a special treat today! Mrs. Lar Rieu visited our classroom today. She read a story from the Monkey King. The kids were enchanted by the pictures in the book. The story was a little scary (you know how they like that). Mrs. Lar Rieu brought us a piece of mango gummy candy from her trip to Hong Kong. We munched our candy and listened to the story. What a lucky day in Chinese class.

1st graders enjoyed the candy and chicken soup video. We made up a new game. Students said aloud in Chinese what each picture was. Friday we will add the word "vegetables" to our game. Stand by and I will post the video for you all to view.

Red Dragon Society tomorrow morning 8:00-8:45. All parents and big people in the LJA ohana are welcome to join us for coffee, treats, friendship, Chinese language and culture chat, and a lot of laughs!

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