Friday, May 14, 2010

Keiki Chinese

Second graders had fun this week with abacus races. Students easily register numbers on the abacus when written on the board. To kick the game up a knotch students take turns saying the words only in Chinese! No numbers written on the board! The Chinese abacus certainly is a wonderful way to learn larger numbers in Chinese.

First graders have added new food words to their vocabulary menu. Hamburger, rice, veggies, candy, and chicken soup. The kids have a hot competition going to see who can correctly call out the Chinese word from a Animoto video Laoshi put together. Fun game for the kids and a wonderful way to learn and practice new words.

Kindergarten is learning more about performances and how performances can show up in different styles. This week we enjoyed stories about the popular children's hero The Monkey King. We listended to a story, took in some music from a popular symphony playing The Monkey King theme song, viewed a clip from The Monkey King Beijing Opera, and even watched a bit of The Monkey King cartoon from 1964! WOW!

Come one and all to learn Mah Jong. Lisa Wong Jacobs has been doing a lovely job teaching us to play this fun and challening Chinese game. Lao hu and Liz joined us on Thursday for a round. Wai Jun is an enthusiastic player and teacher. Wai Jun has been teaching her classmate step by step how to play. What a fun way to learn a little more about the Chinese culture!

No more Keiki Chinese until Summer Fun. Stand by for the next Keiki Chinese date. Laoshi must focus her attention on high school exams now.

Wow, long post today! Happy weekend!

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