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Super Classroom Apps for Creative Learning

Super Classroom Apps For Creative Learning

PuppetPals HD
            Tell an animated story using PuppetPal puppets and backgrounds. 
Record your voice, move your characters, save to your Mac PC, share on YouTube, email your creations to friends and family.
            Story telling app.
            Camera with cool and fun features.
Prezi Viewer
            Create a prezi presentation and carry it with you on our device.
            Calendar created with school students in mind.  Good for jotting
down homework assignments, notes, list instructors, class
schedule, backup data capability.
Doodle Buddy
            Write math equations, vocabulary words, notes to friends, even
draw pictures with this fun drawing application.  Change colors to
add flare to your maps, math, graphs, or whatever your
imagination can create. 
            List making application
            Really fun camera app.  Add zing to your classroom images
this year!
            Smithsonian.  Needs no explanation!
            Point the camera at any location where you are and the app will
give you a brief history of things that happened at that location.  Fascinating!

Comic Touch Lite
            Build your own class comic book with ease!
            Writing stories with illustration has never been easier.
            Use images to tell stories, give directions, count money, endless
possibilities.  Drag and drop class pictures, homework, maps,
google images, animation to Sonic Lite then record your message to tell a story, answer questions, ask questions…you name it.   Jazz up your lessons and thrill your students about learning with this engaging and easy application.
Red Laser
            QR code reader.  Build your own QR codes at:
Glow Draw
            Write words, letters, numbers, you name it then add your very
own drawings to this writing and drawing glow in the dark
application.  Learning to read, write, and do mathmatics has never been so fun!
GarageBand (ipad 2 only)
iMovie (iPad 2 only)
            Share learning with anyone, anywhere, any time, any place.  Yes! 
Popplet Lite
Capture learning and turn them into visuals and text.  Let Popplet help you teach and learn.  Let Popplet do the teaching for you and have keiki show their work with technology!
            Really, really cool mind map that packs mean bling.  You gotta
check this one out!  Wow keiki of all ages and even your peers!
            Add images, backgrounds, write with your finger or stylus.  Let
ScreenChomp do the work of teaching your class today.  Even
better…let keiki tell ScreenChomp what to teach today.  Finish your homework using screen chomp!  Review spelling lists with ScreenChomp!  Read a graph, draw a map, count money with ScreenChomp!

            GPS, map finder, information seeker, visual and audio
encyclopedia for the 21st century learner.
Thousands of narrated covering  art, science, language, history, sports, food, hobbies the list goes on and on.  Watch and listen to any topic you can dream up.  A visual encyclopedia.  This app can also locate you and give fascinating Qwiki’s about the location you are at.  On a vacation?  On an excursion?  Want to learn more about…something?  Use Qwiki.   The possibilities for exploration are endless.
            Wikipedia reader.  Easy and beautiful interface.  What a lovely
way for students, teachers, and families to read the encyclopedia.
            Open source original music.  Use it or even post your own musical
            In a snap build a slideshow of images and graphics with text to
teach new concepts, review, or even better…have students build their own.
            Mind mapping made easy!
Talking Gina
            Record your lesson and let Gina the giraffe do the teaching!  Get
ready for those kids to learn when your substitute steps in!
Talking Lila
            Need a substitute teacher?  Just record and Lila the water fairy
will do the teaching for you.  Or even better…have the keiki record math problems, questions, assignments, classroom rules and agreements, or reminders for the next day.  Lila can even speak Chinese! 
            Water mark your images! 
                 Cloud service.   Use this to transfer files from your desktop to your
iPad and back with ease.  PC Mac!

PaperDesk LT
            A favorite app.  Draw, add pictures, make lists, take notes, record
your voice, record others voices, transcribe, touch an area in the written text and it will take you to the same location in the audio text.  Very robust site for classroom and personal use.
            List maker
i-Prompt Pro
            Teleprompter.  Works great!
            Create your own animation.  Save to PC Mac.
Book Creator
            Ever wanted to be a published writer?  Now is your chance.  You
write it and we will read it!  Includes image function so you can
illustrate your stories. Platform looks like a book.
            Read up on all your favorite subjects
            Excellent and diverse note taker.  Transferable to PC/Mac
            Dictionary on steroids!
Google Earth
            Fantastic, robust site
Weather Eye
            Check the weather around the world
PS Express
            Device version of Photoshop on the go
            Read music, play music learning games
            Skype for iOS.
Dragon Dictation
            Dictation can be transferred to Mac/PC
SM: Rain
            Relaxing sounds for quiet classroom moments

Tips For iPads In The Classroom:
1.    You will need an Apple adaptor to plug the device into the
Smarboard.  Simply plug the Apple adaptor to your Smartboard and you are ready to roll!
2.    Some of the apps listed are free and some have a fee.  Garageband and iMovie are the most expensive at $10.
3.    Your ipad can be set to any language you wish.  But that is another handout!  J
4.    Use your iPad controls or the Smartboard to control the volume. 
5.    Use Photobooth on your iPad to turn on a quick slide show for a re to reflect on the learning you did that day. 

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