Friday, October 14, 2011

Learn More Do More!


Have you been practicing Chinese?  I certainly hope so!  Here are some words to remember...

什么        What
人            Person
不            No
山            Mountain

Congrats to the 1st graders for finishing their movie 老师在吗?The Keiki and Laoshi certainly have had a lot of fun learning new phrases, learning the photography of movie making, creating and moving sets all over campus, laughing and dreaming up funny scenes for our movie!  WOW!  The students really are smart, smart learners!

4th graders have been catching up on some writing practice.  They are well on their way to writing 你叫什么?Students have also been enjoying building QR codes.  Fu Guo Guo even downloaded Chinese characters onto her computer and created QR codes for her class to decode at school.  What fun we had decoding her Chinese messages.  Laoshi was very impressed with her use of Chinese and her inquiring mind that put the Chinese characters on her computer.  Fu Guo Guo says she is the computer wiz of her family.  I can certainly see that to be true!

Chinese Club will be every Tuesday from dismissal to 3:45.  Right now we are working on Stop Motion Animation.  Kids seem to have a lot of fun with this wonderful piece of technology.

Want to know what I had for dinner last night?  Little Village Noodle House in Chinatown.  My very  favorite restaurant in Honolulu.  I had garlic squash, dried string beans, mixed veggies with tofu, and the house special fried rice!  Yummy!  Next time you and your family are in Chinatown check it out.

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