Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Learning More and More

4th graders will soon be biting off a little more Chinese.  Here are a few new vocabulary words coming up.  Try to write these!
他          Ta1          He
是          Shi4         Is
谁          Shui2       Who
Can you guess what sentence we will be forming?  That's right!  We will be learning to say 他是谁?Who is he?

3rd graders are diving head first into new skits and puppet shows speaking out against bullying with the words:
大         Da4          Big
小         Xiao3       Little
脚         Jiao3        Foot
Stay tuned to Keiki Chinese to watch and learn how to say these very helpful words and learn more about how to prevent bullying at your school, in your neighborhood, and anywhere it might occur.

Teachers enjoyed their monthly cooking competition today.  I have included a few pictures for your giggle.  Once a month teachers choose a theme and compete for the coveted "spoon" award.  This month the theme was tailgating.  Among the recipes presented today were Italian Sausage and Pepper Sandwiches, Pulled Pork and Cole Slaw Sandwiches, Salsa Chicken, Frito Pie Surprise, and Pan California Roll.  Tasters vote on their favorite recipe and all ballots remain secret.  What fun!    Who would have thought these teachers were such yummy, yummy cooks!

Here are a few of my favorite cooking websites and blogs.  What are some of yours?

Learn More Do More! And ALWAY Practice What You Know!

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