Thursday, November 4, 2010

Learning & Performing

LJA Keiki Chinese learners certainly help me out with my puppetry! 小龙 and 小老鼠 created these lovely shadow puppets. I really like they way the artists used color to enhance the shadow! Laoshi did a little snip, snip, snipping with the scissors to create a little more definition with the puppets and then we dove right into a show! 1st graders are starting to learn the words for family members. The dragon is the 哥哥 (ge1 ge big brother) who forgot who he was after bumping his head on the playground. The other animals had to fly into action to help 哥哥 remember who he was and find his way home.

Elan Molina especially liked the puppet show because he is a 哥哥 and even has a 弟弟 (di4 di little brother). Elan takes really good care of his 弟弟。Are you a 哥哥 or a 弟弟?

I thought you might enjoy this photograph of 小龙 and my dog, Cookie Monster. Cookie Monster and 小龙 became instant friends. Congrats to Representative Corinne Ching (Anna's mom) on her Nov 4 win! We are proud of you Representative Ching!

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