Wednesday, November 24, 2010


2nd graders have been learning to write using traditional Chinese notebooks just like the ones Chinese grade schoolers use. Students have done a great job learning to write numbers and even complicated words such as stone 石 and mountain 山. Practice makes perfect! Students take time to write every single time they visit the Chinese classroom. Wow! Just think how good they will be in a few years!

3rd grade Keiki French students dropped by the Chinese room yesterday. Keiki French sang a lovely French song and shared a little about French festivals. Keiki Chinese sang Ni Wa Wa and played instruments. Keiki Chinese even shared a little about Kung Fu (one of our favorite subjects!).

Abigail and Cole have beautiful singing voices. The children have been practicing for the Winter Concert. Moreover, singing is a very good method for learning a language. Hey! Kids have even learned how to say "please don't talk". One little friend make a funny joke and said, "Laoshi, please don't talk" in Chinese. The class all giggled and even I had to give a nice belly laugh. What sweet children we have and how fun it is to learn and sing!

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Remember...practice what you know.

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