Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Excellent Learners!

What curious Chinese learners we have at LJA! This Chinese teacher could not be more proud!

Wai Han brought his Lucky Bamboo tree to school today. What a lovely plant he is growing. Students have really taken an interest in Chinese Lucky Bamboo trees and bonsai. Every day students take time to mist the bonsai. Remember, always mist your bonsai. Never pour water on your beautiful little tree!

2nd graders had loads of laughs reviewing characters by playing hopscotch. Laoshi likes to make the game harder and harder and harder! WOW! The students just keep rising to the top! Hey, I have an idea...get some sidewalk chalk, go outside, and write some beautiful Chinese words on the sidewalk. You neighbors will be dazzled by the simple beauty of Chinese characters.

Kindergarteners were introduced to the world of Kung Fu Jian (kung fu sword) today. This beautiful form of exercise is widely practiced by all ages in China. In China, the jian is known as one of the four weapons used in traditional Kung Fu. Some even say the jian is derived from a common kitchen knife! These swords have long, straight blades that are not sharp (for practicing). It is thought that once a student has mastered the jian he or she is quite accomplished in Wu Shu (martial arts). Kindergarteners go to hold the jian and even see Laoshi practice her routine. Next Kindergarteners will learn another form of Chinese Wu Shu (martial arts) called Kung Fun Shang Zi (Fan Kung Fu).

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