Friday, February 18, 2011

Good Things in the Chinese Room!

Aloha Chinese Learners!

What fun the children had with Mr. Terry while I was out sick. (thank you, I am feeling much better now). Mr. Terry is a certified ECE teacher who specializes in music and storytelling. Children had a wonderful time singing to Mr. Terry's enjoyable ukulele playing and listening to thrilling and sometimes scary Chinese New Year stories. Mr. Terry comes to our substitute Ohana from the Army Reserve where he serves as an officer. His dynamic teaching skills kept the children engaged, learning, and laughing while I was at home getting better! A big xie xie to our friend Terry Laoshi!

Do you know how to play Chinese checkers? Well, jump into 2nd grade and you will learn more than just Chinese checkers. You can practice your colors as well as some useful phrases when playing your favorite game on the playground like your turn, is it my turn?, ball, and thank you. Hey! Did you know Chinese checkers was invented in Germany? Funny stuff in the Chinese classroom!

3rd graders performed lovely skits today for their classmates. Want to view one of the skits? Just click on the video link and watch our five star performers rattling in Chinese!

Happy Presidents Day and remember...Practice What You Know!

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