Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Kids Say Really Funny Things!

Imagination is the best way to learn. 3rd graders are begining to learn about ancient civilizations and what could be more fascinating than an ancient Chinese classroom. Yes, an often cruel and dark place. 3rd graders got to feel what it was really like when Laoshi took on the role of an actual Chinese classroom teacher during the Han Dynasty and two different students got to practice being the class monitors. After the day ended most of the children (and Laoshi) agreed we all missed our supportive and kind classroom environment! WOW! What a lucky, lucky teacher I am!
Things seem to be settling back into our regular routine after Winter Break. I am back to my blog and students are back to caring for our bonsai plant and cheerfully singing in Chinese. Ah, life is grand at LJA. So I must tell a cute story.

One of the little Kindergarteners came to class yesterday quite excited. He proceeded to share with the entire class about the new panda in his backyard. He went with his mom to Chinatown to purchase this panda from the pet store so the panda could eat all the bamboo weeds in the backyard. Now he and his mommy are happy without so many weeds and his new pet panda is happily munching away! The children and I were in awe of the story and enjoyed the listening to his tall tell! Isn't imagination grand.

Enjoy the panda picture, even if it is not in Hawaii! And of course, I added a couple of pictures from my own backyard. Weenie Dogs!

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