Wednesday, October 27, 2010

They Speak Chinese!

Those crazy high schoolers just don't get enough air-time on this blog! What about 小猫猫 and 大龙? Both seniors suffer from certifiable cases of the Senior Blues are excellent Chinese speakers! these power-house seniors enjoy memorizing vocabulary, writing thousands of Chinese characters, and especially like daily quizzes! Oh, did I mention they favor Kung Fu movies and Chinese soap operas?

Yes, LJA also has a High School Mandarin Chinese Department. This active department chalked full of eager students who are self-motivated learners. Level I and II students even have their own class monitors (Josh I. and Miranda A.) to help Laoshi. Level III and IV students are a talkative and friendly bunch of self starting and accomplished Mandarin speakers that would make any Chinese teacher proud to send to represent our good country in the Chinese speaking world.

So there you have it folks, LJA High Schoolers Rock! Keep up the good work kids!

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