Thursday, October 28, 2010

Hop, Hop, Learn

Learning Chinese simply must be all fun and games! Here you see 小朋友 jump, jump, jumping to learn new words. When 老师 (lao3 shi1) says a word, kids have to jump, jump to the correct picture card. And everyone knows how 老师 likes to make it harder and harder! 2nd grade students are having barrels of fun learning new vocabulary. Want to try? Here are a few new words for you to practice at home:

汉字 Han4 zi Chinese character
中文 Zhong1 wen2 Chinese written language
拼音 pin1 yin1 Chinese romanization

Stay tuned for an audio flashcard. must always LISTEN to Chinese to LEARN Chinese!

Good Luck 好运 (hao3 yun4)

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