Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today students enjoyed viewing the pictures from our lion dance parade. Thank you to all the parents who sent in pictures. Be looking out for a special feature on Suhana Liedtke who built the dragon her team used! Wow Suhana! We are proud!

Today 1st grade students got busy learning days of the week by rapping. Some even felt moved by the rap and even added a little dance! Good going learners!

Kindergarten is learning colors. The students made up a funny joke to go home and tell their parents about learning colors in Chinese. Get ready for a good Chinese joke at the dinner table! These K students are really good with their colors.

Our next Keiki Chinese Club meeting will be April 6 with special guest artists Mrs. Jacobs and Wai Jun Jacobs. Theses artist and Chinese language learners will be teaching us how to create beautiful Chinese flags to wave, display, and take home!

No Keiki Chinese for the remainder of March. I will be at a technology workshop on Tuesday afternoons.

Hope you enjoy the picture today! I like to call it Chinese Enthusiasm!

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