Monday, March 15, 2010

Chinatown Dim Sum

High school Chinese students levels I - IV took an excursion to Chinatown last Thursday. I was amazed at how much teenagers could eat! Lucky the kitchen could keep up with all that dim sum! Students enjoyed taking their Chinese language skills for a test drive with friendly waitresses. After lunch high schoolers got to try their hand at bargaining in the market. If you are looking for good Chinese dim sum try Legends in the Chinatown Culture Plaza 532-1868.

Jake Kruel's (grade 2) dad just returned from Hong Kong with classroom presents. Our favorite Red Kung Fu Dancing Fans have arrived. We now have enough for each child to dance with a red fan. Be looking for your little Chinese speaker to come home with a few new kung fu dance moves!

Mr. Foehr arranged for a lovely lion dance show last week. The Au's Shaolin Martial Arts Lion Dance troupe came to the school to perform, show kids Chinese Kung Fu, and talk about traditional Chinese New Year activities. Kids got to feed the lions red envelopes, and a few lucky students got to play the cymbals and try a few kung fu moves. A good time was had by all! Keiki Chinese Club for the remainder of March. I will be at tech workshops.

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