Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Keiki Chinese Hits & KHON

KHON visited the Keiki Chinese classroom to interview Lao shi, Xiao Long, and Qing Qing about teaching and learning Chinese. Qing Qing and Xiao Long were super stars and did a super job answering questions in front of the camera. They even did a wonderful impromptu puppet show teaching "I'm sorry".

The KHON interview with Keiki Chinese will air on April 20, 2011. LJA will also have a copy of the interview on campus and on our website.

Have you been practicing your writing? Try practicing these beautiful Chinese characters:
兰 Orchid Flower
山 Mountain
茶 Tea

Kindergarten has learned leaps and bounds by practicing the numbers 1-5. Here they are again.

3rd graders! Don't forget to practice your apologies. You never know when you might accidentally step on somebodies toe and need to say 对不起!

Good work Chinese learners! Practice what you know!

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