Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ni Hao Keiki Chinese!

I hope you have been enjoying all things Chinese! Kindergarten started learning animal words. You should hear them growl, bark, and hop around like frogs! Excellent animal imatation performances! Second graders had a grand time hopping inside, outside, and opening all the drawers, doors, and books in the room (vocabulary open, close, inside, outside).

High School Mandarin Chinese awards are coming up. I will choose the student who stood out the most during the school year to receive this honorable award. What a tough decision. The Chinese students this year were really super!

Today in Chinese Club we will eat special snacks, watch Nezha, and play Chinese Checkers. The keiki and I have been looking forward to it all day.

Xiao Sha reported to the class that she was able to Lion Dance for the police at the Kailua Police Station. Xiao Sha said the officers enjoyed the show and she was even given $16! Xiao Sha built the lion she used to entertain the officers and scare away all the bad luck at the police station! I am certainly proud of her! Good job Sha!

I thought you might like to see a picture from the Kindergarten puppet show last week. Enjoy!

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